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Security Clearance

Active and valid security clearances are required for a majority of the employers in the National Capital Region, namely for the Federal Government.

A security clearance is an extensive background check that enables you to work in positions for the Federal Government which may require access to secure information.  All our clearances are held by a central registry at Public Works & Government Services of Canada.

There are 3 levels of clearances available:  Enhanced Reliability – Secret – and Top Secret. 

Depending on the level of clearance required, the process can necessitate reference checks, verifications of experience, criminal record checks and credit checks.  In some case out-of-country checks or fingerprints are required.

Harrington is a “top secret” cleared facility; therefore we are able to process for you a security clearance at any of the above levels.   It will be our pleasure to process a clearance for you upon request.

For more information on Security clearances you can visit: